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Halloween Pumpkin Carving History & Origin | What is Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern – Pumpkin Carving History & Origin – A traditional and mysterious holiday of Halloween is aptly associated with a bunch of ancient rituals, symbols, and religious celebrations. Of all the symbols, the carving pumpkin out of jack-o-lantern is said to be one of the most famous and significant emblems of the festivity. They are traditionally associated with this spookiest day of the year. Carving jack-o-lanterns on pumpkins is a very popular and loved activity of Halloween among the kids and adults, many people also use them as Halloween decorations in order to welcome their guests and loved ones.

So, before getting ready for this joyous holiday, take a look at the history and origin of pumpkin carving and the meaning of Jack O Lantern in detail.

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving

Halloween Pumpkin Carving History & Origin

Carved pumpkin or jack-o-lantern is extremely popular of all Halloween emblems. The History of Pumpkin Carving is very rich and intriguing. The Halloween Pumpkin Carving Origin is going back to hundreds of year in the history of Irish. The original Jack O’ lantern was not a pumpkin, but an old drunkard called Jack who played tricks on anyone. As the story goes, once upon a time he tricked the devil to climb up the tree and Stingy Jack placed cross signs around the tree so that devil couldn’t come down.

After many years, when Jack dies, he first went to the heaven, where the Lord told him that he was cruel and led a worthless life on the earth after that Jack reached the hell, and the Devil didn’t allow him to enter Hell. Jack was scared that he would have to keep wandering between the heaven and hell. From that day onwards he was roamed around the earth without any place to rest along with his lit Jack-O’Lantern.

Since then the Irish people kept the fable of Jack alive by hollowing out potatoes, turnips, beets, rutabagas on the All Hallows Eve. They also placed a candle in them in order to ward off evil things and keep the Stingy Jack away.

But later on, Irish migrants found that pumpkins were much simpler and easier to carve than turnips and thereafter they switched over to the activity of pumpkin-carving. In today’s time, Halloween celebrations have improvised pumpkin carving very beautifully. These activities are perused with great excitement and enthusiasm on Halloween night. People of all age participate in the activity of pumpkin carving with keen interest and enjoyment.

Jack O Lantern

Jack O Lantern

What is Jack O Lantern

The scariest festival of Halloween is synonymous with jack-o-lanterns. Those creepy yet funny & silly faces carved on pumpkins and lit candles placed within them are the spectacular sights that can be observed during the dreadful festivity of Halloween. But if you don’t know the Jack O Lantern Meaning, just explore our section and find out What is Jack O Lantern?

The Jack-lanterns or pumpkins are most essential symbols of Halloween celebrations. The popularity of jack-o-lantern was observed with an abundance of pumpkins in the United States of America in the 18th century. But this not the only reason behind it. The old legend is also associated with it. The story of a weird and unsavory man named Jack who used to play pranks with people. One day, he tricked the evil up a tree and placed cross lines before devil coming down. On his death, due to his unbearable behaviors, Jack was refused entry to both heaven & hell, and thus he was forced to come down to the universe and mingle with the hollowed-out turnip and along with a piece of burning coal to light up his way.

Jack-o-lantern became the Halloween tradition as Celtic people believes ghostly spirits were active during the festival. And hence just to keep the spirits away people carved a lamp which made out of beets, turnip or mangelwurzel.

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